Extreme electricity costs, what have to I do? Switch or stay?


You could not open a newspaper in latest weeks without a document approximately the extraordinarily high strength fees. The energy marketplace become grew to become upside down. And an increasing number of customers experience that during their wallets. What exactly is going on and what can you do in case your contract expires during this time?

Causes of sky-high strength fees
Eighteen months in the past, the energy market regarded completely specific. Due to the corona outbreak, loads of factors got here to a standstill international and the call for for power and gasoline decreased extraordinarily. Energy charges plummeted to historically low fees in some weeks within the spring of 2020. How exceptional it is now. In recent months, energy expenses have shot via the roof and soared to record highs!

The media stated an electricity disaster, due to the fact the excessive prices are now not cheap for many people. That has to do with quite a number of things. It became a chilly spring, for example, and the Netherlands did now not have enough gas in stock after that. We are extracting much less and much less fuel from the floor, however we do purchase it abroad. Due to the accelerated CO2 prices and because many nations are switching from coal to gasoline for strength flowers, strength prices are also nearly 50% better than final yr.

Current state of affairs in the energy marketplace
This created a special situation within the strength marketplace. Recently, we noticed that there has been only a confined supply available in the strength marketplace as a result. Some energy providers have become cautious approximately buying strength in abundance in a market with particularly fluctuating wholesale charges. So a few electricity providers handiest welcome new customers to a restrained quantity. Some providers even select no longer to recruit new customers for some time. This is slowly changing and we see the supply growing again.

Energy providers buy strength and fuel for an extended time frame, however sometimes also due to the fact they want it quickly. Because currently numerous smaller power suppliers did now not have sufficient money to buy electricity and fuel for a longer time frame, these providers have run into economic issues. We do no longer know whether or not your cutting-edge or new supplier is liable to entering into cash problems or going bankrupt. Supervisor ACM additionally suggests that it can’t say that: “Every autumn we check whether a dealer has sufficient cash if you want to deliver power for the duration of the iciness.” If ACM thinks that isn’t always the case, they’ll take action.

Variable rates
As a rule, variable fees best changed twice a 12 months: on January 1 and July 1. Because these costs are decided and purchased in a well timed way, an super scenario has arisen in the beyond six months. Variable rates have been quickly lower than new fixed costs. As a result, many customers remained stuck with the variable charge, or switched to a variable agreement with the maximum favorable quotes. This is not the case: the constant promoting contracts on Gaslicht.Com are now often less expensive than variable costs. In addition, we have seen that variable quotes are modified greater often than two times a year. According to the general phrases and conditions, an electricity supplier can modify variable fees inside the interim, in order a consumer you have got little actuality.

It is important to study the variable charges at which your power supplier charges you, due to the fact those can vary incredibly. When evaluating, it’s far wise to have a look at the all-in charges, the costs inclusive of VAT and all authorities levies. In latest months, due to the excessive electricity fees, most suppliers have already increased the variable price in the meantime. Some suppliers did this for all their clients, however there are also suppliers who have no longer, or have most effective carried out this for brand spanking new customers. There are also suppliers who’ve already adjusted the variable prices several instances in the intervening time. That is why I even have listed the known variable charges of the instant under and also mapped out the most fine constant price contracts of the moment.

Fixed action contract now inexpensive
If you presently compare the variable fees with the cutting-edge promotional offer on Gaslicht.Com, you may see that some fixed price contracts with cashbacks are actually greater favorable than the variable rate contracts. The most inexpensive fixed-charge contracts are currently, for a median household (3500 kWh and 1500m³), beneath €3000 on an annual foundation. The most inexpensive agreement with variable quotes is presently more than €3200 on an annual foundation.

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