Why choose for PVNED?

It is important that all companies that are connected to the Dutch electricity grid are responsible for the production, transport, and consumption of electricity. To achieve this, a party has been created called the balance responsible party (BPR). Their purpose is to balance the supply and demand of electricity and gas at any point of the day. Together they prevent imbalance. However, a lot of these parties, such as the BRP, work for organizations. To ensure that balance is maintained, you also need stand-alone parties where energy suppliers can purchase their energy. PVNED is such an independent balance responsible party.

Fully authorized

What does this mean for you? What it means is that PVNED is a fully authorized BPR, but is not reliant on different organizations. They do, however, work closely with the national grid operator called TenneT. This means they are closely involved in the energy market. Because they have a seat there, they can also represent your interests as a customer. Your voice will be heard, they will ensure this. Because of their independence, they do not take a position in the energy market. For you, this means that they’ll be the most reliable party for advice. They strive to serve and give customers the best, but also the most honest advice they can give.  If you want the best price for your energy, then you need to get in touch with PVNED. Get in contact through the form on the website now, and they’ll reach out to you as soon as possible.

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